Tuesday, January 07, 2014

What Is A WAN Load Balancer?

A WAN load balancer is critical for organizations that demand extremely high reliability and top network performance. There are many benefits why an organization should implement a WAN load balancer, several include the ability to aggregate two or more broadband connections (which can be increased up to 6 broadband links), redundancy to ensure ultimate reliability, faster performance and an overall lower cost. A WAN load balancer is an excellent way to ensure that your network stays up and running, in many cases achieving 99.999% uptime so that your organization doesn’t have to worry about lost productivity. A WAN load balancer not only delivers these many benefits, but ensures that your network receives proper and balanced networking sessions keeping web hosted applications up and running efficiently.

Achieve Productivity with Wan Load Balancer

It’s easy to achieve productivity with a WAN load balancer which helps an organization manage its network by giving it the ability to aggregate two or more broadband connections (and in many cases up to 6 broadband links) into one connection helping an organization achieve maximum performance while at the same time reducing the risk of downtime. With a WAN load balancer, your network can speed up file downloads, web access and the constant transfer of emails while at the same time costing less due to the fact that an organization can now rely on inexpensive broadband connections.

Benefits of a WAN Load Balancer

A WAN load balancer is a highly productive, extremely reliable way to aggregate two or more broadband connections. For organizations interested in the benefits of a WAN load balancer there are several immediate advantages. They include lower cost for bandwidth due to the ability to use common, inexpensive broadband connections, added redundancy which ultimately improves reliability to the 5 9’s (99.999%), faster download speeds for those that access your web site, send email, rely on database functionality, etc and the ability to administer to your network needs efficiently and effectively.

Without a WAN load balancer for your network, you can easily pay top dollar for a highly specialized broadband connection which may not reach the same levels of reliability as does a WAN load balanced network. In addition, your connection can be significantly slower as your user base uses up critical resources.

Avoid Expensive Bandwidth Options with Wan Load Balancer

With a WAN load balancer, you can not only implement a network that relies on inexpensive broadband connections, but also increase reliability and performance at the same time. A WAN load balancer is simply the smart choice for multi link stability, higher performance and reliability measured into the 5 9’s (99.999%). Not only is WAN load balancer products less expensive to operate, but also affordable to implement. For those organizations looking for solutions that demand reliability, performance and affordability, a WAN load balancer product is worth looking into.


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