Tuesday, July 16, 2013

XRoads Networks Releases Next Generation Acceleration & Link Bonding codenamed Accelibond

IRVINE, CA. July 15, 2013 - XRoads Networks, a leading provider of unified bandwidth management platforms, today announced the release of its latest link bonding technology, codenamed Accelibond. This latest version of its Multi-Session Acceleration technology includes new optimization features which provide improved acceleration for content which resides on multiple remote resource servers.

The Accelibond name replaces XRoads Networks previous technology name "Broadbond" which has been shipping for the past several years.

With this latest innovation, XRoads Networks continues to demonstrate its leadership in the area of link bonding and increasing download speeds across the Internet without having to employ server side equipment. Accelibond is unique in its ability to perform Internet "link bonding" and acceleration vs other solutions which require equipment at each end of connection in order to perform "tunnel bonding" or perform simple "link balancing" which does not utilize multiple links at the same time for the same download, as is possible with Accelibond. Additionally, Accelibond employs next generation technology in order to determine the best method to download content when it exists on multiple remote resources.

XRoads Networks is working with its customers to improve download speeds for end-users and accelerate network connectivity across a single or multiple Internet connections when content is located on multiple remote resources.

The Accelibond technology is perfect for Wifi hotspots, retail and hospitality solutions as well as multi-tenant, health care, and educational deployments.


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