Sunday, August 16, 2015

Internet of Everything (IOE) and Network Redundancy

The Internet of Everything or IoE is a wonderful step in the right direction for businesses implementing it into their work environment. IoE will serve as a connector for businesses, connecting them to clients and remote workers residing in another country, state, city, or even a few miles away from the location of the company. Internet of Everything is the future for businesses, one they have just begun to realize.  

Internet of Everything: the Solution to a Business’s Success

The Internet of Everything functions to bring process people, data, and things together to make network connection more valuable and relevant than ever before. In turn, the epic solution enables various industries to make a name for themselves in their own respective circles. Its implementation into their company provides them with greater experiences, brand new capabilities, and extraordinary opportunities not just for them, but for their country and its residents as well.

How the Internet of Everything Functions?

Internet of Everything has one main and simple function, which is to connect businesses to people located far and wide. It allows that to form everlasting connections with people situated in countries beyond their reach. It is able to do that by connecting physical devices to the network, connecting devices to each other, and by connecting devices to each other, and then the internet. It is perceived as an innovation, which connections more than device to the internet, resulting in automation and the establishment of smart applications.

The industries that have Quickly Adopted the New Trend

Internet of Everything has become one of the essential components of a company. So much so, it has become the basis for its success in their field. It gives them the ability to promote their business, gain newer clientele, receive maximum exposure, maintain connected to employees, and establish everlasting relationships with their existing and future clients. The industries that have taken advantage of IoE include retail, telecommunications, financial and banking, and healthcare industries.

Example of How the Healthcare Industry Benefits from IoE

A patient with diabetes travels to another country to meet his granddaughter. He is wearing a remote glucometer, which is how his doctor knows his patient’s sugar levels are becoming dangerously high. The device alerts him and he sends a text to the granddaughter to tell grandpa to take it easy and visit a nearby hospital, which the doctor locates himself. The doctor was sitting in another country, but since the device was connected to his computer at the hospital, he was able to monitor his patient’s sugar levels from oceans away. This was all thanks to the Internet of Everything. However, there is a drawback, but nothing that cannot be fixed in a jiffy.

The Drawback of the Internet of Everything

The only drawback is that the internet can slow down, cause work delays, and decrease productivity. You can avoid all of this if you implement a network redundancy system. It will decrease the risk of network outages and random shutdowns.
Take advantage of the Internet of Everything and make it perfect with a network redundancy system.


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