Thursday, August 20, 2015

How to Improve GoogleApps Performance with Accelibond

Accelibond is a one of a kind link bonding innovation that enables you to improve the performance of Google applications considerably. It is a type of link bonding technology and it will allow organizations to speed up their work, as it will provide them with enhanced acceleration for content located on several remote servers.

The utilization of several links at once is what sets this apart from other similar types of technology, as being able to use more than one link is the main reason for dishing out stellar and fast download speed. The optimal utilization of this technology is at Wi-Fi hotspots, hospitality, business, retail, school, and health care.

Why You Need to Choose Accelibond?

The link bonding technology has surpassed expectations of people who have used it before, as the aim of Accelibond is to provide the end-user with a memorable time when using it. The innovators behind the technology ensured that bandwidth speed would be one thing that would not be compromised.
Hence, the basis for Accelibond became speed and the seamless download and use of Google applications. You would think the cost would be high to have this. Well, you would be glad to know that it is within your reach so how is that possible. Since link bonding technology lowers costs because it provides users with several sources of connectivity instead of relying on one internet connection.
 It also ensures that you do not have to depend on one internet provider. Do you want more good news? The Accelibond technology has one more trick up its sleeve, it is able to failover both incoming and outgoing traffic for complete network redundancy.

The Many Benefits of Accelibond

Following is the list of benefits you will receive if you decide to choose Accelibond:
1.      It bonds several ISP connections and caches responses to improve the performance of Google applications utilizing the internet to function.
2.      Accelibond is an application proxy with integrated caching abilities to increase the performance of Google applications. The download speed of large files and download speeds increases.
3.      Accessing files from a site for the first time takes time, but Accelibond cuts down the time it takes to access the files from the internet for the first time.
What you are getting is an 8Mbps link, which by broadband standards is a lot. Another perk associated with Accelibond is the download speeds, which will significantly increase with the link bonding technology’s implementation, it is reported that it can go up to 2100 percent. Again, this is also by far, quite an impressive feat by this unique technology.
Due to all the above reasons, it is clear that investing in Accelibond technology is a wise idea for people looking to increase their browsing and downloading speed. If the browsing and downloading speeds are increased, the performance of Google applications is automatically improved.
If you are looking for Accelibond technology, you will only find it here, as it is an exclusive product. Give us a call today!


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