Friday, May 08, 2015

What is a Hybrid-MultiWAN and Why XRoads Hybrid-MultiWAN Solutions are better

A Hybrid-MultiWAN combines internet that is accessible to the public with private circuits for a business enterprise WAN transport. Hybrid-MultiWAN provides companies with increased network uptime while reducing the costs of the conventional WAN system.
Making Hybrid-MultiWAN part of your company will be a beneficial move, as it brings forth high quality performance, increased availability, and additional control and visibility to broadband internet. An additional benefit of Hybrid-MultiWAN is that it simplifies and increases speed of branch operation. Lastly, it provides network redundancy and automatic scaling for active networks located on-premise.
That is not all…

Advantages of Hybrid-MultiWAN Continue to Prove Its Efficiency in Enterprise Functions

The list of advantages provided by Hybrid-MultiWAN should automatically convey to businesses about what it can do for them when utilized in a company setting. The advantages of Hybrid-MultiWAN include:
·         Reduction of WAN costs, which cuts one additional cost for companies that are spending a lot of money towards it
·         New and improved management of WAN devices, traffic, and path selection abilities
·         Enhanced protection for businesses using the connection to transfer sensitive files
·         Monitors traffic effectively
·         For VPN-related solutions, Hybrid-MultiWAN is best
Companies interested in investing in a Hybrid-MultiWAN solution need not to look any further than XRoads.

Reasons Why XRoads Hybrid-MultiWAN Solutions are Better

For a number of reasons, XRoads Hybrid-MultiWAN solution stands at the top of the list, as the most reliable solution to date. XRoads Hybrid-MultiWAN solution is a better answer for companies for several reasons:
1.      Zero Network Downtime
Since companies cannot afford to have their network down, XRoads solution provides them with an entire database dedicated to network redundancy.  This allows business applications to use the most bandwidth, especially when those applications are used to communicate with customers.
2.      Immediately Re-routes Traffic
In the event of an ISP failure, packet loss, and latency, it re-routes traffic, enabling users to carry on with their work. If a user is using a remote source, Hybrid-MultiWAN will ensure that the user utilizes the most optimized path.
3.      Reduces Cost
Our solution will decrease your company’s cost by 40 to 80 percent and enhance performance by an incredible 200 percent.
4.      Optimizes Network Deployment
If you use our solution, you will have a high-speed internet connection, making it more scalable and responsive. It will increase user productivity and decrease the complaints by end-users. In addition, it will reduce your IT costs and save you loads of time, which without this solution would have been spent on repairing the network.
You need to take advantage of XRoads Hybrid-MultiWAN solution, as while you are thinking, some other company is probably contacting us to attain it. Take our word for it when we say that we are the provider of one of the best Hybrid-MultiWAN solution currently present in the market.
Therefore, you need to place an order for it today so you can benefit from its unique ability to put your business in the front.


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